Viridian Energy Review- Legit Or Scam

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Viridian Energy Review- Legit Or Scam

Yep… a lot has been written about Viridian Energy lately and I wanted to finally get to the bottom of it!

When I did my research of this company I found many Viridian Energy Reviews but they were all so bias.

You’re in luck though…

I’ve uncovered all the insider information and I am going to provide you with the best Viridian Energy Review on the internet. Then you can decide if there is really a Viridian Energy Scam going on.

Make sure you keep reading until the end because I am going to reveal something that is going to absolutely shock you!

So let’s go…

Viridian Energy Review – The Company


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Viridian Energy was founded in March 2009 by Michael Fallquist who was recently chosen as a regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

The company believes in changing the way customers see green energy by offering customers a portfolio of green energy options that include anything from renewable energy sources to affordable solar power for homes.

It’s an award winning company as well.

In 2012, Viridian Energy was recognized with the ETHOS Rising Star Award, which is given to up-and-coming companies in the direct selling industry that best demonstrates consistency and continued growth.

In its first year, Viridian Energy saw revenues of $2 Million which is actually really good for a startup MLM.

By 2011 revenues grew to $205 Million. The latest revenues for 2015 was $324 Million.

The company continues to grow today.

As a result of deregulation that has happened in many US states, the consumer now has a choice as to who can supply their energy. Before deregulation, there were not a choice. So, basically the consumer can shop around. There are several companies that include this service and Viridian is one of those companies.

There is no enrollment or cancellation fees and you can cancel anytime. Enrollment really is easy and you can complete it online. Viridian typically provides a cheaper kilowatt rate than your regular supplier, so this could be one of many ways for you to cut costs.

Viridian Energy offers high-quality sustainable energy products that meet or exceed the proposed 2020 federal environmental goal of 20% renewable energy. Clearly, there’s no Viridian energy scam.

Viridian Energy Review – The Products

Viridian Energy, Viridian Energy Review, Viridian Energy Scam, Viridian Energy Bonus, Viridian Energy Coupon - Viridian Energy Review- Legit Or Scam

Viridian Energy offers a wide range of products which I will summarize briefly below.

Everyday Green: They have two plans under the Everyday Green brand. One offers 50% renewable energy and the other offers 100% renewable energy. The intent of course is to replace traditional forms of energy with clean and green options

Simply Right: This is a carbon offset type plan. There are 2 options again. You can pay for 25% of your energy through crabon offsets or have 100% of your energy through carbon offsets. It’s your choice.

Clean & Simple Solar: This is probably the coolest package they have but also the most expensive. Here you can get solar energy through Viridian Energy partnership with America’s largest solar provider SolarCity.

You can check out their website for more information.

Viridian Energy Review – The Business Opportunity

Since Viridian is an MLM there is of course a compensation plan!

The compensation plan is built on the foundation of something called the “Power of 5.” You need to enroll 5 customers in your first month, 5 in your second month and of course 5 in your third. Then ALL you have to do is help them each do the same.

Once you do all of this you become eligible for a variety of “Bonuses”

Oh did I mention the startup cost is AUD$99!!!!!

Sounds easy right?

Well we know from experience that signing anyone up is hard enough let alone signing up 5 people per month AND helping them sign up 5 people as well.

Right now, Viridian is in Pre-Launch in Australia and Customer/Product Launch later mid year (as of May 2016)

so 1 st Mover Advantage is huge!

Viridian Energy Scam – The Business Opportunity

Pennsylvania, Maryland, NY, NJ, and Connecticut are 5 with the 17 states to deregulate their energy markets residential and commercially. The Deregulation of the states has created an incredible opportunity for hard working individuals to earn a fulltime, part time, or extra money by helping other residents and businesses lower their electric bills by picking a lower rate. By helping these folks save money monthly, you also have the opportunity to be paid an initial commission for that sale, but added to that, you will be paid RESIDUAL income. Every time someone turns on a light switch, you earn a commission from that persons electric usage. Right this moment it costs AUD$99 to become involved in the business. In this economy not many people are willing to risk paying $399 to get started with the company which what it will be post Customer Launch. If that is you, then click on the link below if you are looking into becoming an energy rep without having an investment.

get started now2 - Viridian Energy Review- Legit Or Scam

Viridian Energy Review – Legit or Scam?

So the burning question in your mind then must be is there indeed a Viridian Energy Scam? And my answer to that is NO! There is no Viridian Energy Scam.

From what I can tell the company offers a wide range of clean energy services that while more expensive can help with the environment. The company is also accredited by the BBB and given a B rating which leads me to believe they are a company with integrity. We do advise you read over your contract though as the story out of Chicago mentioned at the beginning is troublesome and we want to make sure you know what you are paying for.

That being said, let me ask you a serious question…

If you are thinking of joining this business opportunity, do you REALLY think you can sign 15 people up AND help them sign 15 people up?

We all know recruiting is hard and the only way to get paid with Viridian is by signing up 15 people and helping them sign up 15 people. That’s 30 people when most have trouble signing up JUST ONE!

It’s ok though because I have found a solution for you where you can still earn money online.


So you won’t have to bring in 15 or 30 people lol… You can and will make money without bringing anyone in.

Exactly what can you do to flourish your business if you have run out of people to talk to? One can learn internet marketing. Now, I am not talking about putting ads on Craigslist or spamming people on Facebook. This is what most people are doing and if you are marketing like everybody else what makes you jump out and what separates you from all of the other reps doing the same? Plus, posting advertisements is not fun! Furthermore, once you stop placing advertisements, you will not get any traffic to your website.

Learning effective website marketing skills can definitely enhance your power to be able to expose your business opportunity to the masses and still have people calling you rather than you being forced to contact people. Doesn’t that sound more fun? Having people contacting you and asking you about joining your business? You will want to learn these skills in order to dominate in Viridian. You need to expose your business to the right people every single day if you want it to grow.

So there you have it friends the truth about Viridian Energy has been exposed… if you are in Viridian Energy in the USA, please comment below and let us know how you are doing in that company.

get started now2 - Viridian Energy Review- Legit Or Scam

Viridian Energy Review- Legit Or Scam
Viridian Energy Review- Legit Or Scam
Viridian Energy Review- Legit Or Scam
Viridian Energy Review- Legit Or Scam

Viridian Energy Review- Legit Or Scam

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