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Please help me to help create a better World Environment.
It begins with what if all of us could make a significant environs-footprint at Home, Work & Play… So how would like to be involved with a Company that is 100% Sustainable Dedicated to a Better World & Changing the lives of millions of people?Power With Purpose – up to 50% carbon emissions offset going towards every bill you pay NO CHARGE! Help communities around the World connect power & solar energy where previous they could not afford it? Get involved with a Global Tree Planting program (7 continents in 7 years already & counting…? Would You Feel Good About That?


Please Consider switching your Power & Gas over to Viridian Energy More Competitive, More Responsible Energy: Compare with your existing Provider Now.

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What If You Could Make a Difference?






‘Milestone’: Global greenhouse gas levels accelerate past key marker

The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is rising at the fastest rate on record, new research shows.

The level of CO2 – a potent greenhouse gas – is on course to rise 3.3 parts per million this year, an acceleration from 3 ppm in 2015, said Paul Fraser, an honorary CSIRO fellow.

“It will be the highest [rate of growth] we’ve ever seen,” Dr Fraser told Fairfax Media, citing data collected at the north-west Tasmanian site at Cape Grim, the premier global atmospheric tracking centre in the southern hemisphere.

CO2 levels at Cape Grim are now at 401.7 ppm and, given the smaller seasonal fluctuation than in the northern hemisphere, are certain to remain above 400 ppm for many years.


Make a difference at home, at work, at play.

Reduce your carbon dioxide exposure to the Environment, with up to 50% offset paid on your Electricty Bill (at NO extra CHARGE!)

Please review & compare smart , responsible energy options at Viridian.

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A More Sustainable Future Stars With You! See More @ http://kingsofgreen.viridianenergy.com.au




Choose Affordable Responsible Energy & Promote A Healthy Environment


Choose Affordable Responsible Energy & Promote A Healthy Environment

Monday, September 19, 2016

12:00 AM
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@ Your Home: S/E Queensland (Energex =territory only for now..) Victoria, New South Wales & South Australia
online @ http://viridianenergy.com.au/kingsofgreen

Our Health & The Environment are 2 key Assets Vital to our Time & Quality of Life here on Planet Earth!

With the potential of Saving You Money & Supplying Responsible Smart Energy at the same time (with up to 50% carbon off sets at No Extra Charge!)

We all want to make the Best Choices right?…

So please review the new Viridian Energy who have partnered with Click Energy & the Pre-registration Information, with no obligation to change anything,

only to be informed of the new exciting Energy deals that will be available & officially launching on September 19th .

For Residential: It’s your choice.

Energy deregulation in Australia gives you, the consumer, the ability to choose your energy retailer while remaining with your current distributor for delivery and service. That choice is a simple and powerfully effective way for you to support the things that really matter to your family and community. And when you choose Click Energy’s Simply Right energy plans, you help the environment every time you use your affordable, responsible energy, and become part of a profound local and global impact. Who knew one simple, easy choice could do so much?

For Business: It’s your choice.

Energy deregulation in Australia gives you, the business owner, the ability to choose your energy retailer while remaining with your current distributor for delivery and service. Make that choice count. Affordable and responsible, Click Energy’s Viridian Simply Right energy plans offer energy that’s 50% carbon offset: a simple and powerfully effective way for you to support local and global initiatives that really matter to your business, your community and the planet.


The Australian Opportunity – Viridian Energy

Imagine making an impact on other people’s lives and the health of the planet all while determining your financial future ……………
this is our sincere desire.

What if it never cost you to pay for outrageous Power Bills ever again?

Well in the very near future, this will be possible……

*What if we could offer our customers responsible energy at a competitive and affordable rate or less than the utility charged? eg: with up to a 50% carbon offset.

*What if we could create a network of entrepreneurial-minded men and women who wanted to create a sustainable world, too?

*And what if we didn’t wait for change in our industry, our communities, and the world but instead set the wheels in motion ourselves?

*Imagine making an impact on other people’s lives and the health of the planet all while determining your financial future …this is our sincere desire.

Would you feel good about that?

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Viridian Energy announces their Retail Partner in Australia – Partners In Power

The Big V Announcement!
The Newest Power Couple in Australia

Viridian is partnering with Click Energy to bring affordable, responsibly electricity and natural gas to customers. On Saturday the 14th, at the VPro Training meeting at Fitzies, Loganholme the announcement was released! Seriously it was a full house of over 250 Associates.

“We all use energy every day, so why not choose Viridian and support a cause you care about at the same time”, Jay @ Iconic Energy. (a leading Viridian Australia Associate J )

To put it simply, you too can become a retail energy provider sharing affordable, responsible energy with all your residential customers.

You don’t have to be an expert, or know every detail of the billing process.

Click handles all of that for us. And they know what they’re doing.

Click has:

·        More than 130,000 customers

·        Canstar Blue Award for most satisfied customers in Queensland in 2015

·        Highest rating for energy retailers from Product review, Facebook and Google Plus

·        Simple online enrolment process

·        Monthly billing, all online

You too could have your very own Website like I have here! 

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From the VNews Bulletin:


By now you’ve probably heard the news: We are teaming up with Click Energy to bring affordable, responsible energy to the masses down under! We couldn’t be more excited about this perfect partnership, and we can’t wait to tell you more. Join us tomorrow night for a special one-hour Empower Call, hosted by Viridian Vice President Robert A. McFadden. He’ll be joined by special guests Viridian CSO Cami Boehme and Click Energy CEO Dominic Drenen.


Mondays, from 7:30pm AEST
Dial: 03 9028 0262
Participant Access Code: 939301

Please Check Facebook Schedule:)

Talk to you soon!




It's not a job. It's your future. And it starts now.

Today is the perfect day to take advantage of a powerful opportunity. When you become an Independent Viridian Associate, you'll be helping the people you know choose affordable, responsible energy while creating a sustainable residual income for yourself. It's a career path that makes a difference for you, your friends and family AND the planet. That's what we call a win-win-win! get started now green[4]

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Soon, you will be able to join Viridian in our mission of providing affordable, responsible energy in Australia. We look forward to partnering with you as we work together in providing Australian residents with sustainable energy for a sustainable future! Viridian-Energy-Review1 V.com_video_icons_image