Viridian/Click Energy Customer enrolment is Live!

Good Morning, Australia!
A more sustainable future starts with you!
The day is here!
Customer enrolment went live at 12:00am AEST and today signifies the official launch of our Viridian/Click Energy partnership.
Now is the time to register & gain smart, responsible, competitive Energy rates with Click Energy to start to feel good about Our Environment! (with up to 50% carbon Offsets on your bill at No Charge!)
Get a Quote: click the “Become a Customer ” button on the link below:

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Why Viridian Energy?


Building a business you can be proud of

In deregulated electricity and natural gas markets, customers have the power of choice. With Viridian, they have a choice they can feel good about: affordable, responsible energy. But many people don’t know they have a choice, and they don’t realise they can go easy on their budget and the environment at the same time. That’s where you come in.


Earth Month – Make Your Mother Proud!

Especially Mother Earth!


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We’re making our communities better places to live. Come join us as a volunteer!

We are grateful to the many customers and Independent Associates who are helping us create a path to a more sustainable world by volunteering their time to plant trees and shrubs, clean up local beaches, clear hiking trails, spruce up playgrounds, beautify roadways, create vegetable gardens and wildlife habitats, weed out invasive species…the list goes on and on. Whatever you’re interested in, chances are you can find a group of dedicated people in “Viridian Volunteer” T-shirts who share your passion, out on their evenings or weekends making a difference close to home. It’s all part of a shared conviction that sometimes you need to roll up your shirtsleeves, break a sweat and get a little dirty in order to make a difference for our communities and preserve the Earth for future generations.


Gallery Showcase

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It's not a job. It's your future. And it starts now.

Today is the perfect day to take advantage of a powerful opportunity. When you become an Independent Viridian Associate, you'll be helping the people you know choose affordable, responsible energy while creating a sustainable residual income for yourself. It's a career path that makes a difference for you, your friends and family AND the planet. That's what we call a win-win-win! get started now green[4]

Products & Services

Soon, you will be able to join Viridian in our mission of providing affordable, responsible energy in Australia. We look forward to partnering with you as we work together in providing Australian residents with sustainable energy for a sustainable future! Viridian-Energy-Review1 V.com_video_icons_image