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Creating Healthy Energetic Choices!

Takes Vision to Build a Better Future SkyWorld Project

Talk with a SWIG Representative Today, Because Today is the Best Day to Start Making a Better Future!    

SKYWAY Technology – Leading the Way to an Innovative Brighter Future!

SkyWay string transport is an energy and transportation communicator of elevated overpass type. It uses electric vehicles on steel wheels riding on specific string rails. The main design differences of this system from other types of railroads of trestle design are pre-stressed tension of the structure, the absence of a continuous solid roadbed, low materials…
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The SWIG Crypto Units Program

WELCOME TO THE “CRYPTOUNIT” PROGRAM We would like to share great news – personal account of the “CryptoUnit” program is now live. Based on an STO- Security Token Offering back by an experientially growing blue-chip  $Multi-Million Investment Portfolio not just an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)     It is the brainchild of Russian Finacial Eductor Andre…
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How To Generate Your Own FREE Electricity especially in an Emergency

  Hello, I know how scary a blackout can be, and because of that reason I wanted to share with you, today, a message I got from a close friend of mine. Believe it or not, he’s giving away this whole system away for FREE! How awesome is that? Please read on… From: Dave Steen…
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Create 3 to 5 times *MORE* Hot Water than you pay for!

                    ENERGY TIMES…                       Your Cutting Edge News Source                        For Energy Related Information       That Effects Your Life & The World You Live In   ******************************************************************************************************   Several years back, in one of A & P Electronic Media’s books, we discussed the heat pump hot water heater retrofit unit as…
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SkyWay Transnet Group. We Unite The World!

SKYWAY TECHNOLOGY PRESENTATION SkyWay is a project, which unites over 700 technical specialists and experts in the area of transport innovations. We offer a fundamentally new approach to the organization of passenger and cargo transportation. According to it, transport is an effective means of transportation and not a source of danger for every person and…
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BIOME – Zero Waste – Toxin Free – Ethical Choices

Be part of the change for good!   Everything at Biome is safe for you and our planet. Honesty in labelling. Meets our strict standards. Zero harm to people or animals. Brands with passion and ethics. Good from the maker to the end. Performs better than unsafe alternatives.  

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